Global citizen – the world is not enough…

Global citizen – is a team of experts in legal, immigration, tax issues as well as in real estate transactions. The main business area of Global Citizen is professional practical assistance in acquiring citizenship through investment, along with consulting services on all the issues related to residence permit processing, starting from country choice and up to tax planning.  

Our clients are people who truly value the freedom of choice, their time and possessing vast opportunities existing in this world. Our clients are people whose interests and vital requirements lay beyond the borders of one country, people for whom…the world is not enough.      

More and more countries start offering programs of residence permit and citizenship obtaining for businessmen and wealthy families. Each program has its pros and cons, and taking into consideration Your situation, Your project, our team would be able to assist You to make the write choice and realize your plans.   Our Company has direct connection with the best immigration lawyers, tax consultants and bankers of these countries that are always at your disposal and will be always happy to answer your query.

We guarantee the full privacy of information you will provide us with and do hope for the fruitful cooperation.

Global Citizen is a member of VISTA Group

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